Power Control IC PMI632-902-00 compatible with Redme 9t, redme note 8, redme note 9

 Power control ic is compatible with the following models of cell phones: PMI632

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pmi632 ic 902-00 compatible

Battery Model BN46

Redmi 9t,
Redmi 7,
Redmi 7a,
Redmi 8 olive,
Redmi 8a,
Redmi 9t,
redme note 8,
redme note 9 4G,
redme y3,
motorola  e7 plus xt2081,
motorola xt2129x,
oppo cph1809,
vivo s1 pro,
vivo v20 se,
vivo y11, y12i,
vivo y20 QCM,
vivo y20, y20s QCM,
vivo y50,
vivo y91-y93-y95 QCM,
nkia 5.3,

pmi632 ic samsung

pmi632 ic samsung a20s

what is PMI632 ic?

I don't have access to real-time databases or current product releases. As of my last update in January 2022, there wasn't detailed public information available about a specific IC named PMI632. Integrated circuits often have specific functions and applications within electronic devices, especially in power management, control, or signal processing.

It's possible that PMI632 could be a newer release or a specialized component introduced after my last update. If it is indeed a new or specialized IC, detailed information about its specifications, features, and applications might be available through the manufacturer's datasheets, technical documentation, or official product announcements from the company that produces it.

Qualcomm, for example, is known for manufacturing power management ICs among various other semiconductor components. If the PMI632 is a Qualcomm product, checking their official website or contacting their support might provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about this specific IC.


The PMI632 is a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) manufactured by Qualcomm. PMICs like the PMI632 are designed to manage and distribute power within electronic devices, often found in mobile phones and other portable devices.

These ICs usually integrate various functions related to power supply, regulation, charging, and sometimes control over other subsystems within a device. They can manage multiple power rails, optimize power efficiency, and support different power modes to enhance battery life and overall performance.

The specific functionalities and features of the PMI632 IC would be detailed in its datasheet or technical documentation provided by Qualcomm. These details typically include information about its voltage regulation capabilities, current handling, efficiency, thermal characteristics, and compatibility with different device architectures.

However, detailed information about the PMI632 IC's specific features and capabilities beyond its general role as a power management IC might require accessing its datasheet or technical documentation from Qualcomm or authorized distributors of Qualcomm products.

pmi632 ic pinout 

pmi632 902 ic datasheet

pmi632 902 ic datasheet

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