bq25601d ic model name compatibility

 bq25601d ic model name

bq25601d ic model name compatibility

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bq25601d ic model name  compatibility model name:

vivo y12

vivo y12s

vivo y15

vivo y17

vivo y1s

vivo y30

vivo y30i

oppo f11

vivo y30l

vivo y12s MTK


vivo v23e

ic bq25601d




BQ25601D IC


BQ25601D TI968

BQ25601D TI968 IC

BQ25601D TI968 MOB IC

BRAND compatibility

Model compatibility


Color black

WARRANTY  Yes Manufacturing defects only  

Weight  8 grams      

Compliant with mobile this IC:

ic (chip) connector Back side pin no. :

Specifications Specifcae  

  • Application: Mobile Phone
  • Brand Name: IC
  • Type: Drive IC
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Model Number:
  • Supply Voltage: 1.0-6V
  • Dissipation Power: 0.6w
  • Operating Temperature: 0-310
  • Condition: New
  • Package: BGA
  •   tested with high quality 100%
  • Replacing your broken, damaged or unusable intermediate frequency

bq25601d ic working

The BQ25601D is a sophisticated integrated circuit designed primarily for managing the charging of single-cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries in portable devices. Its functionality involves several key operations:

  1. Battery Charging: The IC manages the charging process of the connected battery. It employs various charging algorithms to efficiently charge the battery, including trickle charging, constant current charging, and constant voltage charging phases.

  2. Power Path Management: This feature allows simultaneous operation of the system and battery charging. The IC can power the system from either the input source (such as a USB port or adapter) or the battery, enabling the device to function even during charging or when the battery is deeply discharged.

  3. Input and Battery Current Limiting: The IC regulates the amount of current drawn from the input power source and the charging current supplied to the battery. It ensures that both the input source and the battery are protected from overcurrent conditions.

  4. Safety Features: The BQ25601D incorporates multiple safety mechanisms, including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, thermal regulation, and battery temperature monitoring. These features safeguard the battery and the IC itself from potential damage due to voltage fluctuations, excessive current, or overheating.

  5. Charge Status Monitoring: The IC provides information about the charging status through various status pins or communication interfaces, allowing the device to monitor the battery charge level.

bq25601d ic model name

Overall, the BQ25601D operates as an efficient and comprehensive battery charging and power management solution, ensuring safe and optimized charging for single-cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries used in portable electronic devices.

The BQ25601D is a specific model of power management IC manufactured by Texas Instruments (TI). It is a highly integrated battery charger and power-path management device designed for single-cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries.

Key features of the BQ25601D include:

  1. Battery Charging: It provides a highly integrated power path management solution for charging single-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries. It supports various charging profiles and provides protection features to ensure safe and efficient charging.

  2. Input Power Path Management: The IC manages power from different sources, like USB and adapter inputs, while allowing the system to operate or charge the battery independently.

  3. System Power Path Management: It enables the system to operate directly from the battery even if the battery is completely discharged or removed.

  4. Safety and Protection Features: The BQ25601D includes protection features such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, thermal regulation, and battery temperature monitoring to ensure safe charging and operation.

bq25601d ic model name

It's a popular IC used in various portable devices like smartphones, tablets, and other battery-operated devices for efficient and safe battery charging.

To determine compatibility with specific devices, it's essential to consult the datasheet or technical documentation provided by Texas Instruments for the BQ25601D. This documentation usually includes information about voltage ranges, current ratings, and other specifications that would help determine its compatibility with different devices.

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