Quick 2008 Hot Air Smd Automatic Rework Station With Fan Handle Soldering Iron

Quick 2008

 QUICK 2008 ESD Digital Display Heat Gun Soldering Rework Station

Upgraded QUICK 2008D+ lead-free desoldering station 750W hot air gun for Mobile Phone LCD display motherboard BGA IC soldering repair. 

 QUICK 2008 rework station 700W hot air gun for Mobile Phone LCD motherboard BGA IC soldering repair. Original QUICK 2008/QUICK 2008D+ LCD digital display hot air gun ESD soldering rework station for mobile phone BGA IC components desoldering and soldering repair. 

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Power Control IC PMI632-902-00 compatible


Quick 2008 Hot Air Smd Automatic Rework Station With Fan Handle Soldering Iron

Quick 2008 Hot Air Smd Automatic Rework Station

1. QUICK 2008.
2. QUICK 2008D+.

Note:  110V, need Customized, time: about 3-5 days.

1. QUICK 2008
-Display Type: LCD
-Power: 700W
-Voltage: AC 110V/220V 

-Temperature Range: 100℃-500℃
-Air volume ratio range: 1 ~ 120
-Maximum airflow: 120 L / min
-Airflow type: brushless fan soft wind
-Display: LED digital (resolution 1° C)

2. QUICK 2008D+
-Display Type: LCD
-Power: 750W
-Voltage: 110V/220V
-Temperature: 100℃-500℃ 

-Air Volume Range: 1 -100 Level
-Air Volume: 30L/min(Max)
-Product Size: 170*151*98mm
-Package Size: 330*180*230mm
-Net Weight: About 1.5kg

The characteristics:

  1. Sensors, closed circuit, the zero passage trigger temperature control of the microcomputer, LED display, big power, heating is rapid, accurate and stable temperature, not affected by the air volume, truly lead-free desoldering.
  2. Adjustable air flow, air volume big and soft wind, temperature control is convenient, can be suitable for a variety of purposes.
  3. The handle is equipped with induction switch, as long as the hand shake hands handle, the system can quickly enter the working mode; Handle is released into the handle frame, the system will enter the standby mode, easy to operate in real time.
  4. The system is equipped with automatic air cooling function, can prolong the life of heating element and protect the heat gun.
  5. Adopts brushless fan very long life, small noise, using high quality heating element under the same power efficiency can be doubled, and can effectively prolong the working life of the heating element and power saving.
  6. The machine is equipped with safety protection function.

Desoldering is suitable for a variety of components, such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA (especially suitable for mobile phone line and row line of desoldering); Used for heat shrinkable, drying, in addition to the paint, in addition to the glue, thawing, preheating, welding, etc.

Quick 2008  Details

Condition: New
Machine Type: rework station
Applicable Industries: Machinery Repair Shops
After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support
Local Service Location: Turkey, Italy, Viet Nam, Philippines, Peru, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Bangladesh, Ukraine
Showroom Location: Turkey, Italy, Viet Nam, Philippines, Peru, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Bangladesh, Ukraine
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: Ordinary Product
Warranty of core components: 1 year
Core Components: Engine
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: Quick
Certification: ISO
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sales Service Provided: Video technical support, Online support
Key Selling Points: Accurate temperature control
Weight (KG): 2.5kg
Voltage: 220V
Current: .
Rated Capacity: 120level(max)
Rated Duty Cycle: 700w
Dimensions: 29*17.5*19cm
Usage: for most of SMD, etc
Name: hot air smd rework soldering iron station with the fan handle
Length of handle: 120cm
power consumption: 700w
Airflow type: brushless blower soft revolving airflow
Airflow capacity: 120level(max)
Temperature range: 100℃-500℃
display type: LED number (resolving capability is 1℃)
feature 1: with CH1, CH2, CH3 to temperature control
feature 2: with digital display for temperature
OEM: yes

Quick 2008 Hot Air Smd Automatic Rework Station

The QUICK 2008 Hot Air SMD (Surface Mount Device) Automatic Rework Station is a piece of equipment used in electronics manufacturing and repair. It's designed for tasks involving the removal and installation of SMD components on circuit boards.

Key features of the QUICK 2008 Hot Air Rework Station might include:

  1. Hot Air Rework: This station typically uses a focused stream of heated air to desolder and remove SMD components from circuit boards. It allows for precise control of temperature and airflow to prevent damage to the board or nearby components.


  2. Temperature and Airflow Control: The equipment often includes adjustable temperature settings and airflow control to cater to different solder types, component sizes, and circuit board materials.


  3. Automatic Functionality: Some models may have automated features, such as pre-programmed settings or profiles for specific components or boards. This can streamline the rework process and ensure consistent results.


  4. Integrated Heating Element and Nozzle: The station generally comes with a heating element and various nozzles to direct hot air onto specific components or areas of the circuit board.


  5. User Interface: It may feature a user-friendly interface with digital controls, display screens, and possibly programmable settings for temperature, airflow, and time.


  6. Safety Features: Overheat protection, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection, and safety mechanisms to prevent damage to the components or the equipment itself.

Rework stations like the QUICK 2008 are commonly used in electronics repair shops, manufacturing facilities, or by technicians working on various electronic devices, especially those with surface-mounted components.

Always refer to the manufacturer's manual or documentation for detailed operating instructions, safety precautions, and specific capabilities of the equipment. Improper use of rework stations can potentially damage circuit boards or components.

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