vivo y93 network ic model name

 vivo y93 network ic 

Vivo y93 network ic model name in india

  1. PA 3G (RF5428): This component is likely the Power Amplifier (PA) specifically designed for 3G networks. The PA is responsible for amplifying the signal before it is transmitted through the antenna.

  2. PA 2G (RF5212A): Similarly, this component appears to be the Power Amplifier for 2G networks. It serves the same purpose as the 3G PA but for older 2G network signals.

  3. RF IC WTR2965: This stands for Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit. The WTR2965 is a chip responsible for managing various radio frequency functionalities within the phone, including signal reception, transmission, and possibly supporting multiple bands or wireless technologies.

  4. These components collectively handle the transmission and reception of 2G and 3G signals within the Vivo Y93. Each plays a crucial role in ensuring the phone can connect to and communicate over these cellular networks.

Pa 3g Rf5428

Pa 3g Rf5428 vivo y93 network ic

Pa 2g Rf5212A    rf ic wtr2965

Pa 2g Rf5212A    rf ic wtr2965 vivo y93 network ic

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