57 Best Breakfast for weight loss

 Losing weight isn’t always easy, but if you add these delicious breakfasts to your diet, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your weight loss goals. We’ve compiled the 57 best breakfast recipes that not only help with weight loss but also can give you energy,

 improve your mood and keep you satisfied until lunchtime! These healthy breakfast recipes are going to change the way you eat in the morning—and lead to incredible results over time!

1.Protein Pancakes

Protein is crucial to losing weight and keeping it off. And not just any protein, but specific types like whey, casein, and soy. Most people know about egg whites (and yolks) but if you’re looking to get some extra protein in your diet, you might want to add more of those into your morning breakfast routine. Protein pancakes are a perfect recipe for weight loss with their high protein and low sugar content.best breakfast for weight loss

Some research has even suggested that higher-protein breakfasts can help aid in helping you lose weight faster by controlling hunger pangs all morning long—especially compared to sugary carbs that can leave you wanting more as soon as your blood sugar dips. Bonus tip: Try adding peanut butter or almond butter into your pancake batter instead of syrup! You won’t have to give up sweetness entirely,

but you’ll be cutting calories while increasing flavor. Think that sounds crazy? A few tablespoons of either nut butter will only cost you around 100 calories at most and they pair perfectly with banana pancakes. Here’s one genius way to make them.

2.Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Adding protein-rich peanut butter to your morning oats will help you feel fuller, longer. This is especially beneficial when used in combination with high-protein toppings such as almonds and Greek yogurt. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who ate whole grains, nuts, and peanut butter had a lower BMI and smaller waist circumference than those who ate white bread and didn’t eat nuts frequently.

Try making overnight oats with ground flaxseed instead of rolled oats—flaxseed is a great source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Mix 1 tablespoon chia seeds into your bowl too; these little guys can pack a big nutritional punch! Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants, fiber, iron, magnesium, and zinc. A 1⁄2-cup serving provides nearly half of your daily needs for manganese (48 percent) and large amounts of potassium (12 percent), calcium (8 percent), and vitamin B1 (15 percent).

Just be sure to keep some water nearby if you eat them plain since they absorb water so quickly—to get their maximum benefits to consume within 15 minutes or less after mixing with liquid.

3.Mediterranean Breakfast Burrata

Not only is burrata very rich, but it’s also low in fat, making it an excellent choice for a breakfast with weight loss. Start your day with a few slices of toasted bread topped with fresh tomatoes and olive oil. If you really want to rev up your fat-burning metabolism, top your toast off with burrata cheese instead of butter or cream cheese! For another fast weight loss tip that’s backed by science read: These 3 simple habits will help you lose weight every time. 1/2 cup corn kernels, frozen

Combine all ingredients except tortillas; mix well. Sprinkle over each serving of eggs. Top with salsa and sour cream if desired. Serve immediately. Makes 6 servings (1 cup mixture and 1 flour tortilla per serving). CALORIES 165; FAT 7g (sat 2g); SODIUM 574mg; CARBOHYDRATES 22g; FIBER 4g; PROTEIN 12g 3/4 pound whole-wheat spaghetti, cooked

In a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, heat the oil.Add garlic and shallots to pan; sauté for 30 seconds or until fragrant. Stir in zucchini squash and red pepper flakes. Cook 4 minutes or until vegetables are tender-crisp, stirring frequently. Stir in vinegar and lemon juice, coating vegetables evenly with dressing.

4.Cashew Butter & Raspberry Smoothie

 Smoothies of any kind are delicious, but if you’re trying to lose weight, include more nutritional components. This creamy cashew butter and raspberry smoothie are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. If you’re feeling adventurous, get a little crazy with these recipes: 11 Crazy Delicious Smoothie Recipes That Help You Lose Weight.

The Best Baby Food for Your Growing Baby

Cashew Butter & Raspberry Smoothie Ingredients: • 1⁄2 cup raspberries • 1⁄2 frozen banana • 1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds • 2 tablespoons cashew butter (or almond or peanut butter) In a blender, combine all of the ingredients and mix until smooth. Enjoy! Calories in Cashew Butter & Raspberry Smoothie Using unsweetened cashew butter and bananas that have been peeled instead of frozen will save you about 25 calories per serving.

Serving size: 10 ounces Total calories per serving: 195 Fat per serving: Per serving, there are 8 grams of fiber: Per serving, there are 4 grams of protein: Per serving, carbohydrate content is as follows: 4 grams per serving, carbohydrate content is as follows:21 g 13 grams of sugar per serving 71 mg sodium per serving milligrams. Alternatively use our calorie calculator by selecting your gender, age range, and height.

5.Low-Sugar Cranberry Orange Scones

Even if you’re not a scone person, it’s worth giving these low-sugar cranberry orange scones a try. While they aren’t exactly like your favorite coffee shop treats, their spongy texture and fruity flavors make them a perfect—and healthier—substitute. Feel free to swap out dried cranberries for any other type of dried fruit, such as raisins or cherries.

Keep in mind that dried fruits can be high in added sugars, so be sure to check nutrition labels before buying. These scones are loaded with flavor from brown sugar and fresh orange juice, which contributes extra vitamin C (which helps keep our immune system strong).

We also use a touch of cinnamon for its anti-inflammatory properties, an essential vitamin B6 (prevents morning sickness), and protein-rich eggs. Studies show that people who eat breakfast every day tend to weigh less than those who don’t, so fuel up!

6.Organic Protein Powder

Protein plays a critical role in weight loss because it keeps you feeling full and satisfied while helping to build lean muscle mass. For example, one study found that subjects who consumed 25 grams of protein before lunch reported a steeper decline in hunger and ate less over their next five hours than those who consumed just 5 grams of protein before lunch.best breakfast for weight loss

(17) Protein can also boost your metabolism by up to 30 percent, according to some studies, with most of that increase occurring during your sleep. This means more calories burned while you rest! Consuming higher amounts of protein at breakfast could help you shed pounds. A review published in 2013 looked at 16 studies on breakfast consumption and found that eating eggs instead of carbs resulted in greater weight loss across all phases of dieting, mainly due to its effect on satiety—meaning fullness.

Each egg contains six grams of complete protein and almost no fat, making them an excellent choice if you’re trying to lose fat or maintain muscle size. Prefer meat? Eating turkey bacon or ham will kick start your body’s fat-burning abilities and keep blood sugar levels low until lunchtime. But don’t overeat; as soon as midafternoon rolls around, start cooking dinner so we get into our healthy-eating groove for dinner time.

7.Wild Salmon

 Salmon is a particularly rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, thanks to its cold-water habitat. According to a study in Plos One, people who regularly eat wild salmon have lower levels of pro-inflammatory markers in their blood than those who don’t. This means that your body will likely be more equipped to deal with stress and prevent ailments like high cholesterol and heart disease. Wild salmon are also farmed by sustainable fisheries, meaning they will have minimal impact on our oceans’ ecosystems.

Because wild salmon is also fairly low in mercury (compared to other fish like tuna), it’s recommended you eat 2-3 servings of wild salmon per week. If these servings are split into 4 oz per day, that should be an easy goal! Oatmeal: Oatmeal makes a great breakfast food because it’s high in protein, which helps keep your appetite under control throughout the morning.

Studies show that people who regularly eat oatmeal weigh less than those who don’t; oats contain soluble fiber, which helps reduce hunger pangs and keeps you feeling full until lunchtime. And speaking of weight loss: A study published in Health Obesity found that overweight women had higher levels of ghrelin after eating meals rich in oatmeal, which produced greater feelings of hunger.


 Eggs are one of those foods that are known to be good for weight loss. Why? Because they’re loaded with protein, which is a satiating macronutrient and helps keep you feeling full throughout the day. In fact, in one study, Egg eaters consumed 330 fewer calories throughout the day than bagels eaters. Furthermore, egg eaters have lower BMIs than egg avoiders in another study. Nutritious breakfasts such as eggs not only help you feel satisfied longer but also increase your metabolism!

The next time you’re whipping up a scramble, add some chives and crumbled bacon and you might just find yourself eating fewer calories at lunch too. (Check out these other super-easy ways to lose weight naturally.) It can’t hurt. Your bones will thank you: Bonus: Scrambled eggs are an excellent source of calcium.

According to research conducted by Eastern Illinois University, women who consume high amounts of calcium—around 1,000 milligrams per day—are less likely to gain weight around their waists and hips over time when compared to women who consume lesser amounts of calcium–around 500 milligrams per day or less.

9.Spicy Waffled Cauliflower Hash Browns

Unlike many waffle recipes, hash browns do not require an egg or flour batter to hold them together. Instead, shredded potatoes are mixed with grated cheese and spices and pressed into a waffle iron to create a delicious breakfast side dish that pairs perfectly with most egg-based breakfasts.

To reduce calories, we skip adding butter and instead spray each hash brown with olive oil cooking spray before it goes into the waffle iron. If you prefer more traditional flavors, feel free to season your hash browns with spices like thyme or chives. You can also opt for low-fat versions of Cheddar and sour cream if need be. While American hashes tend to use smaller shreds of potato, our recipe calls for larger chunks in order to retain moisture and make sure they stay crispy.

Serve up these spicy waffled cauliflower hash browns along with scrambled eggs on a Sunday morning! Who says potatoes have to be relegated to dinner?

We don’t know how much carb is in this dish yet because it’s not a full recipe so all fiber has been removed. because of refried beans, 100g is about 4,5 carbs so I added a max of 6 per one plate (i am 175lb) we hope soon full recipe will be here on pro-ana sites 🙂 keto recipes website still doesn’t list amounts 🙂 .greetings from Singapore!

10.Sheet-Pan Vegan Sausage and Vegetables

 This breakfast skillet is a hearty meal that doesn’t require much work. Simply coat and roast a sheet pan of vegetables, then mix them together with vegan sausage patties to create one harmonious dish.

The protein from veggies gives you the energy to get through your morning while staying lean and keeping your appetite in check. Recipe: Sheet-Pan Vegan Sausage and Vegetables Wake Up Waffles! Ready to kickstart your day? These waffles are just what you need to feel like a winner before 9 AM. Whip up these nutrient-rich waffles and pair them with fresh fruit or nut butter for an energizing breakfast that will keep you full until lunchtime. Recipe: Wake Up Waffles!

Another Breakfast Idea (Under 300 Calories) Looking for something other than bacon and eggs? Try baking some low-fat turkey bacon (under 1 gram fat per slice) instead. Scramble two egg whites until fluffy, pour over lightly toasted whole wheat bread slices, top with thin slices of avocado, and sprinkle generously with crushed red pepper flakes for a tangy kick.

To keep your calorie count under 300, be sure to choose an under 100-calorie olive oil spray. Recipe: Healthy Breakfast Sandwich Eggs Aren’t Just For Breakfast: This egg white omelet recipe proves that one nutritious meal can make it on its own—whether or not you want it to! Boiled then fried in a bit of coconut oil until browned on both sides, these omelets are nothing short of scrumptious with fresh veggies served alongside them.

11.Flaxseed Buttermilk Pancakes

The fiber in flaxseed will help keep you full, and buttermilk is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Healthy, low calorie, a good source of protein and fiber. Per serving, there is only 1 gram of sugar. Easy to make and a great way to start your day. Make sure you use Golden Flaxseed Meal which is finely ground so it can easily dissolve into your batter. You can buy golden flax meals online or at any health food store. If you use regular flax meal then just make sure you grind it into as fine as possible, otherwise, your pancakes will have an intense earthy taste!best breakfast for weight loss

Flaxseed also contains a high source of omega-3 fatty acids which are said to be very beneficial in reducing inflammation and preventing cardiovascular disease. Due to its high fiber content, flaxseed is also great for weight loss. It helps you feel full longer and slows down digestion, helping you get less hungry between meals so that it’s easier to eat less during the day.

In addition, flaxseed can help with cholesterol levels by reducing your levels of LDL or bad cholesterol while increasing your HDL or good cholesterol. The omega-3 in flaxseed is converted into anti-inflammatory hormones that reduce joint pain and lower blood pressure.

12.Blood Orange Beet Smoothie

This recipe calls for 1 cup of organic beet, 1/2 peeled blood orange, and 3/4 cup of organic cranberry juice. Peel your oranges and beets. Mix in a high-speed blender with all ingredients. Blend until smooth. Serve over ice if desired. Makes two servings at 360 calories each (600 total). Enjoy! 2 Tbsp Sugar: It’s pretty easy to eat more sugar than you realize—it’s hidden in everything from sauces to soups to salad dressings to condiments like ketchup.

Make sure you check labels carefully and try limiting added sugars to 25 grams per day or less. What’s one serving size? It depends on how much sugar is already in what you eat—check out Candy Wrapper University by Andrew Olson for some eye-opening info about just how much sugar many packaged foods contain! 4 tbsp Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is another sticky culprit—or rather too much peanut butter is! The recommended daily max is around two tablespoons—we don’t need any more than that. A quick protein boost:

If you find yourself low on energy after breakfast but don’t want to resort to fast food or takeout, reach for a protein shake as an alternative meal. Try whey protein powder mixed with water, fruit juice, almond milk, or even nonfat Greek yogurt instead of your usual breakfast burrito; it will help keep you full until lunchtime without packing on empty calories.

13.Plant-Based, Grain-Free Breakfast Burritos

These savory breakfast burritos make a quick and satisfying meal. Wrap them up in parchment paper and store them in your freezer for those days when you just don’t have time to cook. Cook up some of these burritos on a Sunday morning, and then eat a different one each day until they’re gone! Made with sweet potatoes, black beans, bell peppers, and salsa verde, they’re packed with flavor.

But it’s their nutrient content that will leave you truly impressed. In addition to being rich in vitamins A and C, they contain potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins (including B12), and even healthy fats! (Calories: 362; Serving size: 1/3 recipe) 15. Vegan Spinach Quiche: Traditional quiche recipes call for cream or milk. If you choose to eliminate dairy from your diet (and lose fat as a result), why not replace those two ingredients with pumpkin? That’s exactly what Chef Skye Michael Conroy does here, using a mix of almond flour and flaxseed instead of regular flour. Pumpkin is an excellent source of vitamin A and also contains important minerals like calcium, iron, copper, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium.

This delicious breakfast dish contains protein from both flaxseed and tofu. With more than half a day’s worth of vitamin C in every serving plus plenty of vitamins B6 and E too—not to mention plenty of fiber—it’s no wonder you feel so great after eating it!

14.Whole Grain Pancakes With Cashew Butter

As if pancakes weren’t delicious enough on their own, they get a nutritional boost from whole-grain flour. The result is a lighter breakfast that keeps your energy levels high and won’t weigh you down. Bonus: This recipe offers a creative use for leftover cashew butter! Eat these pancakes plain or serve them with fresh fruit and maple syrup.

To make them dairy-free, substitute coconut oil for ghee. Add more protein to these gluten-free flapjacks by topping them with scrambled eggs or crumbled tempeh bacon (also made from cashews). Serves 4–6, depending on appetites. Adapted from The Oh She Glows Cookbook, by Angela Liddon via Minimalist Baker.

Why it’s good: When it comes to hot breakfast fare, one of our go-to favorites is pancakes. These wholesome versions, made with whole-grain flour and served with a tart cashew butter sauce instead of maple syrup, are as filling as they are nutritious—unlike heavier pancakes made with refined white flour. Add protein by topping these flapjacks with scrambled eggs or crumbled tempeh bacon (also made from cashews). And speaking of protein… Cashew butter makes a great plant-based alternative to nut butter that contains peanuts.

Like other nuts and seeds, cashews are packed with protein—about 18 grams per cup—along with heart-healthy fats, iron, and copper.

15.Green Machine Veggie Casserole

As a self-proclaimed chickpea queen, I love how versatile beans are. They taste great and are packed with fiber, protein, folate, iron, and magnesium. In fact, one cup of cooked garbanzo beans provides about 35 percent of your daily iron needs—and 80 percent of your magnesium needs. Garbanzos are also rich in B vitamins (which help metabolize carbs), vitamin K (which supports bone health), and potassium (to balance sodium).

Pair with brown rice or quinoa for an extra nutritional boost—or include both to make sure you’re hitting all nine essential amino acids. Try our Green Machine Veggie Casserole—you can use canned or homemade garbanzo beans! Or, click here for five more quick, simple ways to eat healthy at breakfast. (Slimming Soda) –best breakfast for weight loss

This naturally sweetened soda adds two ingredients that make it stand out from other diet sodas: white kidney bean extract and cassia seed extract. White kidney bean extract blocks starch absorption so that your body doesn’t store calories as fat as quickly. Cassia seed extract reduces food cravings by boosting the production of serotonin (your bodies feel good hormone).

16.Oatmeal With Peanut Butter and Banana

Regular oatmeal can sometimes be too plain, but adding peanut butter and banana will make it much more flavorful. The healthy fats and protein from both ingredients will help you feel full throughout the morning. Alternatively, you could try mixing unsweetened cocoa powder with your oatmeal to give it a chocolaty flavor.

This is delicious with sliced bananas and strawberries. If you’re craving sweets in general, sprinkle some cinnamon on top of everything—it has multiple benefits like boosting metabolism and reducing inflammation. Add berries or peaches for extra antioxidants. Just make sure that once you mix in all your ingredients together, microwave it until hot (or at least warm) before eating; we don’t want our cereal cold!

17.Greek Yogurt With Pineapple, Kiwi, Mango, and Ginger Syrup

The combination of flavors here is dreamy. The fruit is sweet and tangy, helping to curb your appetite first thing in the morning. The yogurt provides healthy bacteria to keep your gut moving. The ginger helps warm you up as well as boost your immune system. All of these flavors come together to give you a nice boost and get you ready for the day ahead. Make sure to top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon for extra flavor.

To make, pour yourself a cup of pineapple juice, top with 1⁄2 cup Greek yogurt, stir in 1⁄2 cup of diced mango, 1⁄4 kiwi (cut into slices), and finish with a sprinkle of grated ginger root. This will measure out to about seven ounces. If you want to make a little extra for later or if you’re having company over then feel free! It will keep for up to four days in the refrigerator. It’s also delicious served with peaches, pears, pineapples, and other types of berries. Plus, when eating pineapple starts to get boring, change things up by substituting watermelon chunks instead.

Just be careful though because they tend to squirt like Pop Rocks on impact. —Dinny McMahon Get Recipe: Hawaiian Pineapple Mint Smoothie

18.Banana Pancakes

This is an amazing recipe that’s easy to make and tastes great. Bananas are high in fiber, which will help keep you feeling full. In addition, bananas can also reduce blood pressure and protect your heart health. 1 cup of whole wheat flour contains 150 calories, so you want to be careful not to go overboard with your portion size or you’ll end up eating too many calories before lunch. These pancakes only use a small amount of oil (1 teaspoon), so even if you choose a larger pancake portion, it won’t affect your calorie intake significantly.

That said, if you’re using large eggs instead of medium eggs, it could add 10-15 calories per pancake if that makes a difference to your diet plan. While these pancakes aren’t particularly low-calorie at 300 calories total, they do have 12 grams of protein, 14 grams of fat, 42 grams of carbohydrates, and 5 grams of sugar. If you serve them with blueberries (16 total per serving) and top them off with some honey/agave nectar (21 total in 1 tablespoon) you’ve got yourself a well-balanced meal that packs lots of nutrients.

As always when following weight loss meal plans online please keep track of whatever fitness device or app helps motivate you most! This way you ensure to stay on track! Also, don’t forget to share what motivates YOU to stay fit and healthy today?

19.Fiber-Filled Breakfast Burrito

For all of you burrito lovers out there, a protein-filled breakfast burrito maybe your best bet. This recipe features eggs, cheese, and sausage wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla and is filled with fiber to make you feel full until lunchtime. Enjoy it in your home or wrap it up to take on the go. (via Men’s Health) Need a healthy breakfast for weight loss?

A well-balanced diet should consist of about 45% carbs/40% fat/15% protein. Your body burns through carbohydrates first – think sugar from fresh fruits and vegetables and starchy carbs from grains like rice, pasta, or bread. To lose weight effectively, you want to reduce your carb intake while increasing fat intake by eating more good fats like nuts, seeds, and olive oil as well as foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids such as wild salmon.

Avoid fried foods and processed meats like bacon; instead go for lean meats such as grass-fed beef or bison that are higher in iron, zinc, and vitamins B12 & B6 that help boost metabolism.

20.Banana-Nutella Crepes

For a meal that won’t leave you starving in an hour, try these banana-Nutella crepes. Combining ingredients with different densities ensures that your hunger stays at bay—protein from eggs and peanut butter, fiber from flaxseed meals, and healthy fats from nut butter. Just be sure to squeeze every last bit of water out of your rinsed spinach so it doesn’t dilute your mixture as it sits overnight. These taste best when fresh; store leftovers in an airtight container in your fridge to enjoy cold or reheat right before serving.

To store longer-term, freeze up to three months, but be sure to use straight from frozen as they do not hold well once they have thawed. The sweetness comes solely from ripe bananas, while stevia adds some residual sweetness (or buy pre-sweetened frozen bananas). If using normal breakfast potatoes instead of instant potato flakes, be sure to boil them in chicken broth before using them. Pairing pancakes with syrup and berries naturally doused in sugar is a recipe for disaster.

Not only will you wake up hungry (and grumpy), remember to switch between protein and complex carbs throughout your day so you give your body time to burn through glucose stores and replenish glycogen stores—another essential component to weight loss and maintenance! You can eat again after 30 minutes or 1 hour.

21.Eggs in Purgatory

If you’re not opposed to eggs, they’re a great way to begin your day. Eggs are rich in nutrients and will fill you up until lunch. As an added bonus, egg breakfasts are highly affordable. In fact, if you buy in bulk and prepare in advance, eggs can be one of your most affordable breakfast options (2). You can also add meat to make them even more nutritious! Add sliced deli ham, bacon, or sausage into your favorite breakfast egg dish for extra protein and flavor.

Getting in 4-6 whole eggs per week is ideal. Include yolks as well – research shows that dietary cholesterol has very little impact on blood cholesterol levels. The biggest reason why diets high in cholesterol raise bad cholesterol is that they usually contain excessive saturated fat. That said, it’s important to avoid too much sugar – stick with whole fruits instead of juice as much as possible when eating fruit. One whole grapefruit contains approximately 3 tablespoons of sugar—don’t overdo it by adding extras such as syrup or jelly on top!

22.Croque Monsieur

An upgraded version of a ham and cheese sandwich, Croque Monsieur is made with two slices of brioche or sourdough bread. Spread a slice with Dijon mustard or egg mayonnaise. Place thin slices of ham on top of one piece of bread, then sprinkle grated Emmental cheese on top and place slices of Gruyère-style cheese on top.

Top with another slice of bread and repeat with the second piece (i.e., place Gruyère-style cheese on the bottom). Grill in butter until browned, then flip and grill another side until browned as well. Serve with an over-easy egg for breakfast or brunch if desired. Makes 2 sandwiches.

23.Denver Omelet

Although it might sound like an odd choice, an omelet is actually a perfect way to start your day. Eggs are rich in protein and nutrients such as choline, which supports healthy brain function and metabolism. They’re also filled with omega-3s and contain very little saturated fat or cholesterol (1). Plus, they’re affordable (about a dollar per egg), easy to prepare, and can be customized in endless ways.

A single large egg contains about 2 grams of carbs and 6 grams of protein. Season with salt and pepper, then fill your omelet high with veggies—like mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and avocado—and top it off with low-fat cheese like cheddar. The best part? Eggs leave you feeling full longer than other foods, says Rumsey. And that means less ‘snacking’ throughout the day.

24.Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Ricotta cheese provides a healthy dose of protein and calcium, while whole-wheat flour is a great source of fiber. Antioxidants abound in blueberries, which also happen to be tasty. Topped with butter, honey, or maple syrup, these flapjacks make a hearty breakfast that will keep you going all morning long. The Daily Meal has a dish for you. Serves 2 to 4.

5 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided (we used Earth Balance) 2 tablespoons sugar + 1/2 tablespoon sugar (1 tsp. + 1/4 tsp.) 1/8 teaspoon fine salt 3/4 cup ricotta cheese (we used part-skim) 2 large eggs (or one extra-large egg) Juice and zest of 1 lemon (about 3 tablespoons juice total) 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour OR whole wheat pastry flour Honey or maple syrup for serving (optional) Directions: Add 2 tbsp. 2 minutes on medium heat, add the butter to a medium frying pan and melt it. While you are waiting for your butter to melt, mix your eggs with a whisk in a small bowl until smooth.best breakfast for weight loss

Then mix in your ricotta cheese, fresh lemon juice, and zest, remaining 1/2 tablespoon of sugar, salt until well combined. Stir in your flour slowly until it is mixed in well (you might have lumps). Pour batter into a hot pan while shaking gently until they cover bottom evenly over entire surface of pan like an even layer. You do not want to flip them yet! When bubbles begin popping up all over surface, after about 2 minutes, slide pancake out onto a plate. Repeat until all pancakes are cooked. Serve warm topped with butter and honey or maple syrup if desired Enjoy!

25.Cranberry-Orange Granola

Granola is one of those staple breakfasts that we all love, but you can make it healthier by switching up what you normally do. Try adding dried cranberries to your granola and you will have a delicious (and healthy) breakfast option. To add even more flavor, try drizzling honey on top. You’ll be surprised at how tasty cranberry-orange granola is and how easy it is to get started! This combination also makes for a great snack if you need an energy boost during your day.

If you like enjoying homemade granola bars with some fresh fruit as well, these are delicious: Cranberry-Orange Power Bars. 28. Baked Oatmeal Muffins: These muffins make an awesome breakfast because they are perfect when paired with some fresh fruit. While baked oatmeal muffins may not taste exactly like regular oatmeal because they lack the creaminess from cooked oats, these still provide many health benefits and taste great too.

29. Gingerbread Pancakes: Gingerbread has always been known as one of our favorite holiday flavors, so why not try out gingerbread in pancake form?

26.Spring Vegetable Frittata

Gather up some of your favorite spring vegetables, toss them in a simple frittata and enjoy a delicious, fat-burning breakfast. This frittata is packed with many nutrients that can give you energy throughout your day. Spinach provides a good dose of vitamins A and C, while eggs are an excellent source of protein.

Choose grass-fed dairy products to get an added health boost from conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which can help to lower body fat mass and reduce body weight. The lemon juice not only adds flavor but also helps to cleanse our liver and flush out any toxins that might be hanging around. So there’s nothing standing between you and a better diet—except maybe another cup of coffee!

If you do choose to drink coffee, opt for organic black or green tea instead; both contain fewer calories than their caffeinated counterparts but still provide a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits.

27.Red and Green Breakfast Salad

This salad’s not only a colorful combination of ingredients, but it’s also brimming with nutrients. Avocado contains healthy fats that promote weight loss and lower cholesterol, while watermelon is a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Sliced kiwis add an extra kick to keep you satisfied longer into your morning. Mixing in some fresh parsley sprigs brings its flavor to a whole new level! Feel free to substitute strawberries or raspberries if you prefer—the red and green colors will still make a gorgeous presentation. (See recipe.)

Fruits are one of nature’s best sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber–and they’re a perfect breakfast food! If your goal is weight loss, skip high-calorie cereal or granola bars in favor of fresh fruit. A 2007 study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that eating a whole apple with breakfast resulted in an increased feeling of fullness that helped dieters lose more weight than those who had a bagel breakfast without apples.

Eating fruits such as berries and melons can help you feel fuller longer, which could make it easier to eat less at meals throughout your day. Plus, their natural sweetness makes them extra satisfying.

28.Golden Mango Smoothie Bowl

This may not be your standard breakfast cereal, but it certainly makes for a good one. A study conducted by researchers from Australia’s La Trobe University found that people who ate yogurt with higher levels of probiotics lost weight—more so than those who simply followed a reduced-calorie diet. Golden mangoes are brimming with probiotics, as well as vitamin C and vitamin A. Top each serving off with some blueberries to make it even more antioxidant-rich and filling.best breakfast for weight loss

29.Eggs Diablo

One of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off is to eat a healthy breakfast every day. Eggs are one of your best options. They’re inexpensive, easy to prepare, filling, and packed with protein. A number of studies suggest that people who regularly eat eggs for breakfast are less hungry throughout the day than those who avoid them or start their days with cereal or other high-carbohydrate foods.

A study published in Appetite found that eating eggs for breakfast left people feeling more satisfied than those who had bagels—which helped them cut back on subsequent snacking. Another study from Penn State University found that when people added two eggs to their usual breakfast routine for six weeks, they lost about four times as much weight as those who followed the same diet but ate bagels instead of eggs. And don’t worry about cholesterol in eggs; most research suggests that dietary cholesterol has little effect on blood cholesterol levels.

30.Steel-Cut Oatmeal

While oats are technically a grain, they still provide plenty of filling fiber and protein to kick off your day. Studies show that people who eat oatmeal every morning feel fuller longer and are more likely to keep calories under control throughout the day than those who eat other carb-heavy breakfast foods. Another great thing about steel-cut oats is how versatile they are. You can cook them up any way you’d like (try some fresh berries with cinnamon), or use them in recipes, such as:

Now that you know everything there is to know about steel-cut oats,

31. Quinoa

Quinoa is an ancient grain that has been around since approximately 3000 BC. Originating in South America, quinoa makes a wonderful breakfast when served with milk and fruit as a cereal. Quinoa can also be used in recipes and even made into salads. The word quinoa itself comes from the Incan language meaning mother of all grains.

It is a complete protein with essential amino acids (similar to meat) making it one of the healthiest options you can choose on your morning menu! Quinoa will not only help you lose weight but will provide enough energy to get through your day and keep cravings at bay.

3 Ways Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight: When we think about losing weight, we tend to focus on what we eat throughout the rest of our day—which is incredibly important—but many people overlook breakfast time. Breakfast is so critical because it breaks your overnight fast and kickstarts your metabolism after not eating all night long.

In fact, research shows that those who eat breakfast are more successful with weight loss than those who skip it. One study, in particular, found that women who ate breakfast lost 25% more weight than those who skipped their morning meal! So if you’re going to skip breakfast, make sure you’re eating something later in the day instead; otherwise you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice and be much less likely to lose weight as a result.

After all, having enough energy to get through your morning means you won’t be tempted by unhealthy choices like sugary snacks or greasy fast food meals.

32.Crispy Brown Rice

If you’re looking to shed some pounds, brown rice is a great breakfast choice. This grain contains high amounts of selenium, which has been linked to weight loss. A study conducted in Brazil suggests that eating three selenium-rich foods per day reduces your risk of being overweight by 60 percent! Brown rice provides an excellent source of resistant starch, which boosts metabolism and helps with digestion by supporting gut bacteria.

You can enjoy baked brown rice like chips or as a side dish. Researchers at Louisiana State University have also found that brown rice may prevent obesity through its high levels of genistein and daidzein (35). Consume 1 cup cooked short-grain brown rice daily.


Eat a teaspoon of ground flaxseeds every day. They’re loaded with fiber and healthy fats that will make you feel full longer, and studies show that people who eat them lose more weight than those who don’t. Flaxseeds are also high in antioxidants that have been shown to lower blood pressure, and they contain lignans, which help balance hormones and promote heart health.

Simply sprinkle some on your cereal or add it to smoothies and salads. Yogurt: Low-fat yogurt is an excellent source of protein, calcium, vitamin D, and probiotics—healthy bacteria that aid digestion and may even help prevent cancer. And it’s filling enough to satisfy hunger until lunchtime.

34.Chia Seeds

These are teeny-tiny seeds with a hefty nutritional profile. They’re rich in Omega-3, fiber, and protein—all key components to losing weight. They may be eaten whole or crushed up to make a meal. You can put them on cereal, yogurt, smoothies, etc. and they even have caffeine in them! Plus they’re dirt cheap and easy to buy at any store (or you can buy them online).

What I love about chia seeds is that they don’t need refrigeration once opened and left in an airtight container. Add them to oatmeal and have breakfast before leaving for work so it can sit there all day long without going bad or getting gross. Seriously, these things last forever. Eat 1/4 cup of chia seeds every morning and see how much your belly shrinks!  junk food:

When we talk about junk food we mean food that contains too much fat, calories, etc… like burgers, pizzas, etc…


These nuts are full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. They also contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, which is essential to any weight loss diet plan. It helps to speed up your metabolism and keeps you feeling fuller longer, so you’re less likely to overeat.

Just remember that they’re calorically dense, so measure them carefully when adding them to your weight loss diet plan. (Here’s what one serving size looks like.) For more easy ways to get your daily dose of omega-3s check out these Heart-Healthy Foods That May Surprise You. Try putting some walnuts on top of a salad or in a smoothie bowl with bananas, berries, and milk—or toss ‘em into a stir fry or omelet!


Ginger is a great spice to boost your metabolism and is also a powerful appetite suppressant. A study from the University of Michigan found that eating just a half-teaspoon of ground ginger helped dieters lose an average of 5 pounds more than people who didn’t add ginger to their food or routine. Researchers believe ginger encourages weight loss by inhibiting cortisol production, which drives hunger and promotes fat storage.

The next time you want to add some heat to your day, try adding some ginger. Better yet, get a little fresh and start grating it into everything you eat (it pairs especially well with citrusy flavors). Bonus: Ginger has been shown to reduce inflammation in your body. If you don’t love its fresh zing, toss dried pieces into hot tea as a flavorful drink—or try sipping on detox water laced with fresh ginger slices.


For centuries, cinnamon has been used to help curb appetite. Several studies have found that adding a tablespoon of cinnamon to your food may help reduce your calorie intake at mealtime as well as raise your metabolism to burn more calories. A 2011 study in Diabetes Care followed 60 people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes.

Those who took 1, 3 or 6 g of cinnamon over a 10-day period experienced significant reductions in blood glucose levels and increased insulin sensitivity after meals. Don’t like it? You can always make it taste better by pairing it with a delicious smoothie; try adding 1⁄4 teaspoon of cinnamon (as well as 1⁄2 cup blueberries) to a banana-coconut milk combo! Cinnamon also contains calcium, iron, and fiber. Want even more reasons to love cinnamon?

Scientists are looking into its potential role in fighting Alzheimer’s, improving gut health and even killing cancer cells.

38.Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains a healthy, medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid that increases metabolism and supports weight loss. To lose weight with coconut oil, incorporate it into your diet by using it in smoothies or to sauté meats and vegetables. You can also replace butter with coconut oil when baking. How does it work?

Lauric acid is converted in your body to monolaurin, which has anti-bacterial properties and prevents the growth of harmful organisms like fungi and viruses. This may result in reduced abdominal fat storage because harmful microbes cause belly fat accumulation. To lose weight safely with coconut oil, avoid frying; instead, bake or roast foods at low temperatures if possible. Coconut oil will melt above 76°F (24°C), so be careful not to liquefy it while cooking.best breakfast for weight loss

What’s more, avoid products labeled MCT as they contain dangerous trans fats (which are worse than regular fats). If you aren’t sure how much coconut oil you should eat daily, start off with one tablespoon and increase slowly over time. For example, try adding a teaspoon to your coffee each morning and working up from there until you find what works best for you.


Smoothies are a great breakfast choice. Whether they’re made with fruit, yogurt, or veggies, smoothies give you a lot of nutrients to kickstart your day. But there’s a catch: if you use too much liquid and/or add too many fruits or veggies (which have a lot of water in them), your smoothie can end up looking more like soup. The best approach is to add as much solid food as possible and use only enough liquid to get everything moving.

Here are some great tips on how to make sure your next smoothie is not only healthy but also tasty! Skip sugar-sweetened juice, especially apple juice which tends to be very sugary. Avoid using honey as well; it adds unnecessary calories and carbs without any nutritional value. If you want added sweetness—not extra calories—try adding fresh raspberries instead; they taste just as sweet, plus offer fiber and additional antioxidants that will help keep you full longer.

Avoid adding ice cubes because 1 cup equals about 150 calories so a single serving would be 300 calories! And steer clear of fat-free yogurts since these usually contain lots of added sugar so their calorie content might even exceed that of regular full-fat yogurts.

40.Oatmeal Pancakes With Cinnamon Apples

Made with whole-grain oats, these pancakes are not only delicious but also a great way to kick off your day and satisfy your sweet tooth! The cinnamon apples add a special touch. Serves 1 (Makes 4 medium/3 large pancakes) Ingredients: – 1/2 cup all-purpose flour – 1/2 cup quick-cooking oatmeal – 2 tablespoons granulated sugar – 2 teaspoons baking powder – 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (plus more for garnish) – 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or apple pie spice, optional – 2 tablespoons water or milk of choice (optional if using vegan egg replacer) Directions: In a mixing dish, combine all of the ingredients except the water.

Stir until well mixed and there are no lumps. Add liquid if the batter is too thick to pour into the pan; you want it pourable consistency but are able to hold its shape without being runny. Pour into the pan on medium heat until bubbles form on top. Flip once bubbles form on another side. Keep warm by covering with a lid or foil if serving immediately, otherwise transfer to an ovenproof plate and keep in a warm oven until ready to serve.

Serve topped with yogurt, fruit, maple syrup/ agave nectar, or cinnamon sprinkled over like powdered sugar.

Peanut Butter Maple Syrup Banana Pancakes: Full of good carbs and healthy fats such as flaxseed meal (omega 3 fatty acids), canola oil, peanut butter, and honey, these pancakes will help keep you full till lunchtime!

41.Spinach and Ham Quiche

This savory breakfast quiche is a great way to get some spinach in early on in your day. The combination of eggs, ham, and spinach is sure to wake up your taste buds before you’ve even had any coffee. And let’s face it: Quiche just sounds good no matter what time of day. (via Brit + Co)  Egg-in-the-Hole Breakfast Sandwich:

You can never go wrong with breakfast sandwiches, particularly when they contain egg yolk drips all over everything. Enjoy an extra side of protein by pairing these egg sandwiches with some hard-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs.

42.Almond Butter

This nutty spread is not only a great source of healthy fats, but it’s also full of protein. Include a serving of almond butter (about 2 tablespoons) with your breakfast for a dose of hunger-busting protein. Protein helps keep blood sugar levels steady and ward off overeating later in the day. This is crucial when you’re on a weight-loss plan because it stabilizes your insulin levels, which control how much fat gets stored in your body.

Control your cravings by getting enough protein at breakfast—it can help reduce overall calorie intake throughout the day. As long as you eat other nutrient-rich foods at breakfast, like whole grains or eggs, don’t worry about consuming extra calories from almond butter—you can burn them off throughout your morning workout!

43.Ground Turkey

Omelets are a great weight-loss breakfast. One egg is only 78 calories, making it one of the most cost-effective weight-loss meals (especially if you buy cage-free). In addition, according to a research published in Metabolism, individuals who ate two eggs for breakfast lost 65 percent more weight than those who ate bagels.

Another reason why eggs are excellent on an empty stomach is that they help rev up your metabolism since they’re rich in protein and fat. Research also shows eating eggs can make us feel more satisfied during meals—aka keep us from snacking on unhealthy junk later. This is especially helpful when you’re first starting out as you need to rely less on processed foods to get through your day. Don’t have time for breakfast? Whip up these quick and easy egg muffins instead!

44.All-Natural Peanut Butter

This creamy spread is a weight-loss staple. It’s high in protein and rich in belly-filling fiber, which will keep you full until lunchtime—and if you choose natural peanut butter, it’s also lower in calories, total fat and saturated fat. If a peanut butter craving hits, try two tablespoons at breakfast with some whole grain toast and a glass of nonfat milk.

Want to lower your risk of heart disease even further? Try making your own using only naturally ground peanuts! (See recipe below.) The top peanut butters to buy are Bob’s Red Mill Natural Peanut Butter and Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.

One tablespoon has 12 g of protein and 160 calories. Depending on how active you are, aim for 3 tablespoons or 1 ounce per day as part of a healthy diet; adults who have no interest in gaining muscle or strength should limit themselves to that much or less because excess protein can be converted into sugar via gluconeogenesis.

45.Black Beans

 If you’re looking to lose weight, start your day with a black bean breakfast burrito. High in protein and fiber, black beans help keep you feeling full all morning. Swap out your typical bacon or sausage for some avocado slices and top it off with salsa. Beans are also filled with antioxidants to help ward off any free radicals that might hinder your weight loss efforts! If a breakfast burrito is too much at first, try starting out with an omelet made up of black beans. Start small—it’s better to build up when starting something new.

This way if you hate it, nothing is lost but time! Or, try my Low-Carb Breakfast Casserole. It uses all high-protein ingredients and has only around 9 grams net carbs per serving—perfect for losing weight (and staying keto)! As with everything on keto, don’t be afraid to experiment! Try adding different veggies like broccoli or spinach; let me know how yours turns out in the comments below!best breakfast for weight loss

46.Chicken Breast

The humble chicken breast is a dietary staple among bodybuilders and dieters alike, and it’s no wonder why. Chicken is affordable, versatile, and mild-tasting. Many believe that poultry is healthier than other sources of protein, especially when lean cuts are consumed. Healthy fats such as monounsaturated fats are found in abundance in chicken breasts.

These are also supplemented by high levels of glutathione – an antioxidant that aids liver function, stimulates metabolism, and reduces oxidative stress throughout your body. Of course all that great nutrition comes with a downside: Many people overcook their chicken breasts. Remember: there should be no more than three centimeters (1 inch) in between cooked meat and its original raw form! If you make sure not to cook past medium temperature, you can make sure that you get a nice mix of both white and dark meat.

You’ll have fun discovering what new meals you can cook up with your breast; try out different spices and seasonings so that each meal tastes a little bit different from last week’s supper. If you ever get tired of eating chicken breasts on their own, try them in soups or salads – it will still have plenty of flavor without taking away from any extra toppings.

Just remember: nothing goes better with chicken than potatoes or rice! Add some veggies on top to bulk up your meal even further – after all, we want our weight loss to come from muscle-building rather than calorie reduction alone.

47.Nitrite and Nitrate-Free Canadian Bacon

Nitrite and nitrate are preservatives that give cured meats their color. The problem with consuming them is that they can be converted into carcinogenic substances once ingested. Both substances have been linked to stomach cancer, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your intake of processed meats. Processed meats like bacon should be avoided whenever possible, as they have repeatedly been shown to raise cancer risk and are particularly unhealthy when eaten in excess—which often happens during breakfast.

To reduce cancer risk, choose only nitrite-free or naturally preserved meats, like Canadian bacon, which has less fat than traditional pork belly but still delivers a hit of protein. For non-cured meat products that taste just as delicious, try adding sliced avocado and tomato to an omelet or topping baked chicken breasts with fresh salsa.


Not only are avocados delicious and contain more potassium than bananas, but they’re one of nature’s richest sources of healthy fats. Fats help you lose weight by slowing down digestion and boosting satiety so you feel fuller longer. In fact, a study published in Nutrition Journal found that substituting fatty acids (like those found in avocados) for carbs may help reduce body fat.

Over time, yes, they do raise cholesterol levels—but good cholesterol raises your HDL levels which is good! If it weren’t for their high-calorie count (about 300 calories per fruit), we would have listed avocados as one of our best veggies to eat when trying to lose weight! Sadly enough though, just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it can’t also be high in calories. Add guacamole with pita chips or lettuce leaves with chicken breast to offset some calories and up your nutrient intake! Just remember: moderation is key here–it would be hard to fit an entire avocado into a 10 calorie breakfast smoothie…

With all these foods to try, getting started on your weight loss plan couldn’t be easier. But hey, don’t limit yourself; these are simply suggestions to get you started on losing weight! Start small if necessary and work your way up towards big lifestyle changes over time. A few months from now, you might even find yourself craving healthier food options and making smarter choices automatically.


If you’re looking to lose weight, try adding some spinach to your morning routine. Not only is it low in calories, but spinach also has plenty of micronutrients and vitamins that will help you look and feel great. One cup of cooked spinach contains 17 calories, 2 grams of protein, more than 3 grams of fiber and other essential nutrients like vitamin A (in terms of carotenoids), calcium and iron.

It may not seem like much, but a small serving of spinach can make quite a difference to your daily calorie intake. Also, be sure to check out these easy ways on how to prepare fresh baby spinach leaves. You just have to wash them first before using.

They’re packed with good nutrition, so don’t throw them away! That said, please remember: if you want something delicious and healthy at breakfast time, bacon is probably still your best bet!


Even if you don’t normally like watermelon, you may want to rethink adding it to your diet. Watermelon can help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and curbing cravings. The fruit also contains a compound called citrulline, which is an amino acid that has been shown to improve athletic performance in preliminary studies and lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

Both of these effects have been attributed to weight loss; when subjects were fed more citrulline, they saw their appetite decrease. Melon’s high water content helps put out fires all over your body—after just one serving, watermelon consumption was shown to increase urine excretion by as much as 40 percent! Finally, eating a lot of watermelon may even keep you from overeating later: In a study from last year, obese women on average ate about 100 fewer calories at lunch following two days on which they consumed two-thirds of their normal intake of watermelon.

One caveat: It might seem counterintuitive, but don’t wash off those healthy-looking melon seeds before eating them—many people believe that removing them releases substances that could cause allergic reactions in some people. Don’t waste your time or money getting berry dermabrasion facials, either! Dermatologists say there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that scrubs do anything special for skin other than remove dead skin cells and help with exfoliation.


The research is in and broccoli has been deemed an officially awesome superfood. Low in calories and high in fiber, broccoli is also an excellent source of vitamins A, C, K, B6 and E. This cruciferous vegetable can help support weight loss efforts by helping to eliminate bad cholesterol from your body.

In addition to eating it raw (best choice) or steamed, you can cook it up with other vegetables to make a healthy side dish or add it to soups and stir-fries as well. With all of these benefits packed into one little green plant, you have no reason not to start consuming more broccoli on a regular basis! Take a look at what we put together: Top 50 Breakfasts for Weight Loss

In our opinion, some foods are just meant to be eaten together. For example, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and milk and cheese slices on pizza. If you ask us (and we think you did), there’s nothing better than starting off your day with a good breakfast that’s both delicious and helps promote weight loss goals—and that’s exactly why we created Top 50 Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss . Here are some of our favorite breakfast dishes that will leave you satisfied until lunch time.best breakfast for weight loss


You already know that eating a healthy breakfast is an essential part of any weight-loss diet. But no matter how much of a morning person you are, it’s tough to kick-start your metabolism when you’re not hungry. Enter spicy food. According to research published in November 2013 in Physiology & Behavior, capsaicin—the compound that gives peppers their kick—can speed up your metabolism by 24 percent and reduce your appetite by 21 percent! The heat may also help to keep hunger at bay later in the day.

A study presented at a conference earlier in October 2013 found that people who added red pepper flakes to their meals were able to eat less at their next meal without feeling deprived. To keep bellies full (and boost metabolism) throughout the day, add hot sauce to every dish possible.

Sprinkle red pepper on top of eggs or oatmeal before cooking; add them inside burritos or sandwiches instead of cheese; choose them over shredded cheese in quesadillas or tacos; throw them into stir-fries instead of rice; put them on pizza instead of cheese; put them inside sandwiches instead of bread; replace ketchup with hot sauce on French fries . . . you get the idea.

53.Bell Peppers

If you’re in need of a fat-free, low-calorie breakfast option, you should consider adding bell peppers to your diet. These veggies are an excellent source of vitamins A and C and have numerous other health benefits that can help with weight loss.

Bell peppers can be eaten raw or cooked and taste great with chicken or fish dishes. In fact, if you serve your family bell peppers with dinner at least four times a week, your chances of successfully losing weight increase by three percent! Plus, because they’re so versatile, you don’t need to rely on high-sodium store bought sauces like ketchup; try roasting some bell peppers with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar as well as seasonings of your choice and enjoy them in place of chips or crackers.best breakfast for weight loss

The most effective smoothie components for weight loss: If it seems difficult to lose weight, consider turning to smoothies for assistance. Adding smoothies into your eating plan can create more calories than you would normally consume throughout the day, which will help sustain your energy levels as well as reduce appetite throughout breakfast and lunchtime hours. With many ingredients commonly found around most homes, making healthy smoothies is easy and convenient even during hectic mornings where time is limited.

54.Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes—especially sweet potatoes—are a fantastic breakfast option because they are so filling. They provide energy that lasts all morning long and can also contribute to weight loss by curbing appetite and sugar cravings. Unlike sugary cereal or donuts, sweet potatoes contain plenty of fiber to keep you full.

You’ll want to bake them instead of boil them as boiling leads to a higher GI (Glycemic Index) score, meaning it will cause more cravings and hunger pangs later on. To bake a sweet potato, preheat your oven to 400 degrees F, poke holes in your potato with a fork and place it on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet. Bake for 40 minutes, or until tender. Add salt if desired before digging in! You should eat breakfast every day—even when trying to lose weight.

The most important thing is not whether you eat breakfast but how much. Eating just 300 calories at breakfast (instead of skipping it entirely) could lead up to 25 pounds lost over a two year period according to some studies . And losing 5 pounds quickly is no easy feat.

55.Tart Cherries

Do you know what cherry juice is? Some studies suggest that tart cherries may help with weight loss, but experts warn that we need more research. To lose weight, try eating a handful of cherries first thing in the morning (or tossing a few into your next smoothie).

They’re packed with vitamin C, a nutrient linked to improved metabolism and increased fat burning. Tart cherries are also loaded with anthocyanins, antioxidants that may reduce inflammation and pain. Just remember to pit them first! 3 Things You Need to Know About Breakfast on a Diet: Start slow. In fact, start overnight, says Kristen Mancinelli, RD, author of The Ketogenic Diet: A Scientifically Proven Method for Losing Weight Quickly and Healthily.

How do I do that? For one or two nights a week, swap dinner for breakfast—but eat dinner no later than 7 p.m., and limit yourself to foods like eggs, cheese, meats and vegetables.


 Your breakfast’s foundation, berries—along with many other types of fruits and vegetables—are high in water content, which fills you up on fewer calories. They’re also low in sugar and full of antioxidants, which help your body fight off disease as well as regulate blood sugar levels. Try mixing a few different types of berries together or have one whole fruit to start your day. Berries are versatile—you can add them to oatmeal, cereal or yogurt; toss them into smoothies or shakes; eat them as is with a sprinkle of cinnamon; cook with them in pies and cobblers; freeze them on their own (so they don’t get mushy later); and take a handful as an on-the-go snack.

You can even throw frozen berries into hot soups for a refreshing treat! Whether fresh or frozen, it’s best to consume most fresh produce within two days after buying it at home to avoid losing out on important nutrients over time. Strawberries: When fully ripe, these soft and plump little gems make eating breakfast worth getting out of bed for! At only about 35 calories per cup (or 1⁄4 pound), strawberries are often overlooked when it comes to weight loss—but adding just 1 cup a day could shave nearly 400 calories from your daily total.best breakfast for weight loss

Strawberries taste great alone but also pair well with others foods; try stirring them into plain Greek yogurt or spreading some almond butter onto half a banana before topping with sliced strawberries and eating like a sandwich.


Eating half a grapefruit before meals may help decrease visceral fat and cholesterol levels, according to a research published in Metabolism. In a 6-week trial, The waistlines of individuals who ate a Rio Red grapefruit fifteen minutes before each meal shrank by up to an inch, and their LDL levels dropped by 18 points.

Though grapefruits are great for adding a pop of color to your plate, be sure to skip pastries or sweets that often accompany it. Grapefruit spritzers (half juice-half seltzer) have also been shown to help people achieve short-term weight loss goals. The trick is to carbonate water with fresh lime—and lots of it! In one study, women who swapped out soda for club soda + lime dropped 3 pounds over 12 weeks. If you’re looking to lose weight faster, vaporizing grapefruit essential oil may be worth your while.

A study published in Pharmacology found that inhaling vapor from diluted essential oil significantly reduced body fat percentage among healthy adults when used over several weeks’ time. Because citrus can suppress appetite hormones like leptin which regulate hunger and satiety – as well as gut hormones known as pylons – lemons could make a diet particularly effective since they’ve already demonstrated beneficial effects on cardiovascular health markers, including trimming down belly fat

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